I've been called many things: apostle, whore, lover, preacher, mad-woman, sister, follower, wife. Fact or fiction, myth or reality--judge for yourself. All that really matters is that that I once loved a healer and a teacher, God and man, a crucified and resurrected peace-maker and rabble rouser. This is my story.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Five

Those wild women over at RevGalBlogPals are at it again with the Friday Five. I thought I'd play again.

1. When were you smiling lately?
I've been smiling a lot lately. In this strange time, after the Resurrection, Jesus keeps appearing all over the place. Most recently it was to Peter and some of our other friends while they were out doing the fishing for the week. But he comes by here every so often. While I miss walking with him, eating together every day, traveling and listening to his teachings, this new time is full of hope and joy. All that he said would happen has come to pass. And I have renewed hope not only for myself, but for my people. The Romans are still the Romans and there is still pain and suffering, and yet, I know, first hand, the joy and power of God. What's not to smile about with that?

2. What happened unexpectedly to you this past week?
Some eggs I had turned red. I'll post a separate blog entry about that later. But let me just tell you--it was weird and wild.

3. How was a catastrophe averted (or not)?
The eggs were hard boiled.

4. What was the most delicious thing you ate?
Fig cake and honey, using my mother's old recipe, along with some wine that we'd been saving since a wedding we attended a while back in Cana.

5. Did you see any good movies or read any books or articles?
No, but Peter's been doing some teachings around town, when he's not out fishing. And he's pretty interesting to listen to.


  1. So glad you stopped by and played the Five today! love those red eggs.

  2. The red eggs are some I'd like! Glad you stopped by today.