I've been called many things: apostle, whore, lover, preacher, mad-woman, sister, follower, wife. Fact or fiction, myth or reality--judge for yourself. All that really matters is that that I once loved a healer and a teacher, God and man, a crucified and resurrected peace-maker and rabble rouser. This is my story.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

Playing the Friday Five again, thanks to the women at Revgalblogpals.
Today's topic: Five questions about packing to go on a trip.

1) Some fold, some roll and some simply fling into the bag. What's your technique for packing clothes?
Since donkey or camel is usually my mode of transport, and food is often hard to come by on the road, I usually pack food, not clothes and then I just wear whatever I need and do a bit of discreet washing at the river each night.

2) The tight regulations about carrying liquids on planes makes packing complicated. What might we find in your quart-size bag? Ever lose a liquid that was too big?
I've never flown on a plane, but boy, yes, I've lost liquids. There is a total art form to packing wine skins and water skins. I once loaded the wine skin wrong as I was packing the camel. Lost entire supply of wine. Fortunately, I was traveling with someone who's good at taking water and making it into wine. So we were fine when it was all said and done. I was more careful when we packed the next day.

3) What's something you can't imagine leaving at home?
I used to be very attached to my possessions. Every thing with a memory attached to it, a history. But lately, I've found myself much more interested in traveling light and collecting, instead of things, stories as I travel. That said, I have a small bag from my mother, before she got too sick to do needle work. She taught me how to do needlework by making the bag with me. I treasure it. And someday, I'll let it go too. Because it's not her. But not yet.

4) Do you have a bag with wheels?

5) What's your favorite reading material for a non-driving trip (plane, train, bus, ship)?
I am wary of traveling with papyrus that is of value--it's so easy to destroy. So I do less reading on trips. To pass the time, I take dice with me. I'm really good at dice.


  1. Thank you for playing! You were certainly blessed in your travel companion.

  2. I love all your answers! Your needlework is particularly fascinating. Could you draw a picture for us?!